Unique Designs, Built to Last

Fine woodworking is a blend of art, technology, craft and passion ~ There are traditions to respect and innovations to embrace ~ Delivering all of this to our customers, with integrity and sensitivity to their needs, is our constant goal ~

Meet Kevin Sather

Custom wood work made with passion

For over 30 years, Kevin has been creating fine furniture and custom cabinetry for the office and the home all throughout the United States.  Kevin best known for his unique ability to produce products that leverage old world artisan skills with his facility modern equipment.


Originally hailing from Western Montana, Kevin Sather quick wit and decisive nature was a perfect fit to the local community. Kevin’s first love of woodworking and evolved from a very early age. His creative nature and discriminating eye for detail was well-suited for the industry. Firmly settled in Merrill Wisconsin located in Lincoln county Wisconsin, Kevin’s Blackline woodworks business has been growing and is widely recognized as the premier local source for custom furniture, restoration and cabinetry.

Furniture Design Philosophy

Kevin’s approach to furniture and cabinet design is inspired by the clean lines and details, graceful proportions, quality craftsmanship and focus on function that is the foundation of my designs. Kevin believes that the natural beauty of the wood is all the ornamentation a piece of furniture or cabinet needs. This approach to furniture and cabinet design results in simple, graceful, well constructed furniture and cabinets that fulfills its function and is built from beautiful lumber.


When designing  furniture and cabinets Kevin also try to keep in mind that most of my customers do not have a limitless budget. One of the advantages of my design approach is that the light, graceful lines are partially accomplished through the use of smaller or thinner tops, legs and other furniture parts. This helps keep materials costs to a minimum. Minimal ornamental details results in less labor. While I never compromise the integrity of a piece to reduce the price I do keep cost in mind when designing my furniture. Often a little forethought in the design stage can result in considerable savings in production.