Furniture Construction Information

Every aspect of its design and construction is carefully considered so that the finished product will provide service and pleasure for many generations. No shortcuts are taken in the choice of materials or the methods of construction. Every piece is individually made permitting special attention to the finer details often overlooked in larger production runs.

The wood is carefully selected for optimal grain and color match throughout the piece. The joinery used is, in every case, the best possible. Table legs and aprons are joined with glued and pinned mortise and tenon joints. Carefully fitted dovetails are used for drawers and case pieces. Drawer sides, backs and bottoms and the frames they slide on are made of long wearing hardwood rather than soft pine. The backs of all case pieces are 1/4″  panel  (or whatever the primary wood is).

Wood movement is carefully considered when a piece is built. Wide surfaces, such as table tops, are fastened to supporting members in a manner that will allow them to shrink and expand as the change of seasons dictates.

All surfaces are finished equally on both sides so that changes in humidity will not warp them. Drawers and doors are given extra clearance so they will not bind when the wood swells from the summer humidity. Finally, prior to finishing all surfaces (even those not easily seen) are painstakingly sanded until they glisten.