Why Buy From Blackline Woodworks

Why Buy Wood Furniture From Blackline Woodworks?

Countless wood furniture options are sold by large online retail sites and in big box stores. This furniture is produced in places all around the world, in a variety of working climates, that use an endless amount of resources. However, even with the convenience of furniture available at the click of a button or in the local shopping plaza, many discerning shoppers choose the quality of Blackline Woodworks’ hand made, hardwood furniture over the cheap, readymades offered by other retailers.

Wisconsin Craftsmanship

Our solid wood furniture is produced right here in the Wisconsin by Me, Kevin Sather who have been making wood furniture for  over 25 years. I use eco-friendly wood that is sustainably harvested from local and regional North American forests. No imported, rare or endangered rainforest woods are used in our furniture. Customers can be proud that their purchase is creating new American jobs, while preserving our forestlands for future generations

Personalized Service & Genuine Expertise

When you call Blackline Woodworks in Merrill, Wisconsin you’ll talk to me a real person who is an expert on Wisconsin-made, fine wood furniture. I understand the construction strategies and methods used and can provide in-depth answers to your questions about the use of solid woods versus high quality wood veneers and the quality of our low VOC finishes. I can advise you on wood species, shipping options, furniture comparisons, pricing and more. I am  dedicated to giving my customers the highest quality and best value on fine wood furniture. I don’t think you’ll find lower prices for the quality, customization and service I offer but, if you do, give me a call.