Don’t Replace. Renew!

Furniture Restoration

Do you have a worn down piece of furniture that you are looking to give new life? Quality restoration stems from understanding how a piece functioned in its original beauty. It means restoring a piece back to its “like new” condition. Blackline Woodworks can take a worn down piece and make it a favorite feature within your home.

Are you looking to change the tone of a room? It may be time to have selected furniture or woodwork updated. Our state of the art equipment allows us to efficiently produce a great product at a competitive price. We can paint both metal and wood, including doors, trim and cabinets. Don’t Replace. Renew.

Restoration Process

The antique restoration process begins by hand stripping, rinsing and cleaning the piece to remove old finish and residue. This process is completed by hand in order to protect the structure and strength of the piece.

It is then disassembled so that any broken, weakened or missing parts can be repaired or replaced. The piece is then rebuilt and re-glued to create a sturdy and dependable antique that is ready for many more years of use. I then carefully select a stain that showcases the character of the piece.

After the stain is applied, I use several coats of a pre-catalyzed lacquer that gives a durability and clarity to the wood. The sheen of the final finish can range from a soft satin to a high gloss, depending on the customer’s taste.

Is Your Piece a Candidate for Restoration?

Family heirloom furniture or worn down garage sale finds may be ideal candidates for restoration. At Blackline Woodworking, we see potential in any piece and have the experience to bring them back to a “like new” condition. So before you throw it away, consider having it restored and prepped for reuse. It can be great for the environment, and great for your home at the same time.